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911 Fire Truck Rescue Sim 16


911 Fire Truck Rescue Sim 16 the must play fireman simulator on google playAlways wanted to be a fireman superhero? You can become one now in 911 Fire Truck Rescue Sim 16Play as the fireman you always wanted to be and rescue the people of San AndreasDrive as quick as possible in your fire truck to the emergency scene.
Drive close by with your truck in this american fire truck simulator and make sure the fire will be extinguished. After your hard work you will get a reward and with this reward you can unlock big fire trucks to save the people of San Andreas.
EXTINGUISH THE FIRE Your main duty of 911 Fire Truck Rescue Sim 16 will be to extinguish the car fires and become the firefighter hero. So get in your big truck and hurry up. You’ve to complete your mission in the given time otherwise you will fail the level and have to try again. After mission complete you will earn coins and can you unlock different trucks
Features of 911 Fire Truck Rescue Sim 16Unlock different big Fire trucks Become one of the best firemen of San Andreas extinguish the different fires Choose between different types of extinguish the fires great sim gameplay Drive and extinguish the fire!
So do you have what it takes to become the fireman superhero of San Andreas and show off your fireman skills!
Hopefully you will enjoy this firefighter truck simulator game and off course also our other games which are available in the Google Play Store for free!